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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jobster now a Social Network

Job hunting site, Jobster, has reinvented itself in the form of a social network.

Following the path of social networking giant MySpace, Jobster now allows users to create personal profiles and tag themselves with keywords relevant to their work experience and career goals.

Users can connect through the new Jobsters, finding each other via the tagging system and adding admired individuals to their favorites.

Jobster maintains it's original job hunting features, users can still search for jobs, view listings and receive email/RSS alerts, but now they can take a closer look at the company. Users can view profiles of current employees and get a authentic feel of the company, which is something no other job site offers at this time.

Despite the industry being crowded, becoming a social network is a very smart move for Jobster. Maintaining the quality of their original service will elevate them over other social networks with nothing more than social networking to offer.


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