Steve Jensen on Web 2.0

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jobster now a Social Network

Job hunting site, Jobster, has reinvented itself in the form of a social network.

Following the path of social networking giant MySpace, Jobster now allows users to create personal profiles and tag themselves with keywords relevant to their work experience and career goals.

Users can connect through the new Jobsters, finding each other via the tagging system and adding admired individuals to their favorites.

Jobster maintains it's original job hunting features, users can still search for jobs, view listings and receive email/RSS alerts, but now they can take a closer look at the company. Users can view profiles of current employees and get a authentic feel of the company, which is something no other job site offers at this time.

Despite the industry being crowded, becoming a social network is a very smart move for Jobster. Maintaining the quality of their original service will elevate them over other social networks with nothing more than social networking to offer.

Monday, July 10, 2006

AutoSpies takes on Digg Model

Automotive news site, AutoSpies, has relaunched itself making use of the story voting system made famous by Digg.

Since its populatity grew, Digg has inspired many, many copies. Not many of them have been done as well as AutoSpies, who have taken the concept, applied it to a very specific niche and added photo and video voting to the standard news story system.

Thanks to their already significant audience, they have managed to overcome the major pitfall of Digg clones - the lack of participation. If no users are voting, the site will fail. Thankfully this is not the case with AutoSpies.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

BlueDot is Social Bookmarking 2.0

Recently launched BlueDot has taken social bookmarking to the next level with a well polished web app.

BlueDot combines the best features of social bookmarking giant StumbleUpon with social networking leader MySpace to create a well thought out service.

Bluedot users can quickly store interesting sites as bookmarks through supplied toobar buttons or directly through their Bluedot account.

In MySpace style, BlueDot users can add other users to their friends list and choose to publish their saved bookmarks specifically to their friends or to the entire network.

Bluedot's biggest problem at this stage is users, as the bookmarking niche is increasingly crowded, but I suspect Bluedot's solid system and ease of use will help make it a strong player.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Daniel Ruscoe Posts New Lifefold Screens

Daniel Ruscoe has posted two new screen shots from his web app - Lifefold - at his personal blog.

The new screen shots show off Lifefold's RSS feed and video organization features, which will be made available to Lifefold members when the service launches.

Lifefold is described by Ruscoe on the official development blog as being an online life organizer, where users can bring together various aspects on their online presence into a single portfolio.
I'll be following the projects progess.

Eefoof - Revenue Sharing Video Host

Eefoof's creators describe the new web app as "a community driven media site with profit sharing." What that means is a user who uploads their videos receieves a cut of the money earned by Eefoof from running ads beside that user's videos.

Although videos are the main driving force behind Eefoof, the service doesn't just limit itself to one form of media like YouTube and others do. Eefoof also hosts images, audio and flash files with the same revenue sharing advantages of videos.

A this time Eefoof is being hammered by Digg and Slashdot so it may be slow or unavailable. If this is the case, try again later. It's worth it.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Blubrry Podcast Directory Launches

Blubrry is a new podcast directory crossed with a social network.

Blubrry offers search and tagging facilities to make it easy to find interesting podcasts to listen to. Podcasts can be played on the site via means of a built-in Flash player.

Users get a profile page to display their favorite and subscribed podcasts, enabling them to socialize with friends and leave comments on podcasts.

Blubrry also provides RSS feeds of each podcast so you don't need to log into your profile to view your subscribed list. Any RSS reader will do.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

People Aggregator Opens Up

After a brief private invite period, Marc Canter's much-hyped social network People Aggregator opened up to the public this weekend.

Canter described People Aggregator as being different from other social networks in that users are able to create their own social networks from within PA.

My only complaint is the cluttered and busy nature of the website. Get past the unslightly design and you'll find a robust and very capable web application.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Motionbox - Potential YouTube Killer?

Recently out-of-beta video sharing web application, Motionbox, is already shaping up to be a formidable competitor to current market leader, YouTube.

Motionbox comes with all the usual trimmings; tagging, searching, private and public sharing, etc, and also gives users the ability to upload videos from their cell phones. This move is a smart one given the increase in mobile phone video cameras all over the World over recent years.

What Motionbox lacks, however, is any kind of video commenting features. This is a simple feature that YouTube has build an entire community around and without it, Motionbox is cutting its users off from a feature they'll miss.